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tv   Today  NBC  November 24, 2011 2:05am-3:05am EST

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rockefeller plaza. >> hey, everybody. you made it to winesday, wednesday. we made it here actually to the studio even though it was justin bieber fever day. it's november 23rd. wasn't easy getting to work today at all. >> it was wall to wall people outside, you guys. not only was justin bieber here. he brought along his friend usher. >> nobody knew that, though. that was, like, a big surprise. >> you can see the crowds. i don't know how many thousands of people. he just sang his little brains out. you know what's so funny? when you watch, every kid seems to have an iphone or something or a droid or whatever it is. because when he was with usher kind of walking down this aisle, you can see, like, all the kids have a gazillion cameras. it's amazing. >> that's the world we live in. >> they're capturing the moment. >> i remember going to see the beatles and just actually watching and listening. >> and remembering. >> and remembering. >> sometimes you do lose the moment a bit because you're trying to capture it because you don't forget it. >> you miss the beat. you're more interested in the
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tweet. >> now you're trying to be all cute. >> i thought they were going to play something. >> jimmy fallon, he can't get enough. is he running out of material? >> apparently. >> jimmy fallon, we got a thanksgiving day shoutout again. let's see. >> tonight we'll be taking a look at the pros and cons of thanksgiving. pro? aunt rita brought the cranberry sauce and the turkey. con? aunt hoda and aunt kathie lee brought the cranberry vodka and wild turkey. >> crazy aunts. >> is there such thing as cranberry vodka? >> i don't know. >> okay. let's go get some. >> on late night, too, they weren't having fun with us. but they were -- >> it's about time somebody took on ann curry. >> it was her birthday, by the way. here's jay leno. >> anybody catch ann curry's birthday celebration on the "today" show friday? she's usually so reserved. she does all the serious interviews. but i was kind of surprised at
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what she did for her birthday. take a look. >> a little birthday cake. >> yay! >> dance, dance, dance! >> that was so good. >> that's the real ann, by the way, right? that's the real ann. >> can i just tell you what a bad camera person i am real quick? >> yeah. >> my brother came in for his birthday last night with my sister-in-law and my mom and hannah. you know, there's only a moment that you have to capture the birthday surprise and the singing and everything. of course, i was on camera one trying to shoot it. i click, clicked. i thought i got it. it was over. and i missed the whole thing. here's what i made them do one more time. >> wait, i didn't get it.
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♪ happy birthday to you >> i made them do it twice. a re-do. >> they can't sing the whole thing, hoda! >> anyway. i just want to show you that you can capture the second time if you really want to. >> happy birthday. how old is he now? >> 46. >> he's the baby of the family. >> yeah. a year younger than me. >> all right. being thankful today -- this is the day we're thankful that our contest winners are here. michelle, carly and caylee from ontario, oregon. >> you guys sent, by the way, the most beautiful letter. it talks about how your husband lost his job. he was employed as a truck driver. owned a business. the economy really hit them hard. then you said you lost your house, your stable life. it was a difficult time. but it made you guys a better family, a stronger family. i like this. you said, i wish that all of america could go through this. then maybe material things
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wouldn't be as important and everyone was start working on their relationships. this is your first family vacation in a long time. >> yeah. >> to come see us in new york city. >> are they miked? >> glad you're here. >> i think they're in shock. >> we're very excited for you. you know what? there's another little extra gift we have for you. four new york city passbooks. this may look little. guess what's in it? your ticket to the world. passes to the empire state building, museum of natural history, museum of modern art, the metropolitan museum, guggenheim, top of the rock, statue of liberty, ellis island, sightseeing cruise and discounts. you'll need it. check out for more information. we're very, very happy to have you guys here. >> thank you. >> all righty. where are we spending thanksgiving? you're going to be here? >> i'll be here. i have cooked, if you know what i'm saying. >> yes. you've cooked at whole foods. >> i ordered from whole foods and it's coming tomorrow morning at 8:00. >> i cooked last night. we made stuffing.
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my mom's favorite sage and sausage stuffing. >> nice. >> and my -- it's called sweet potato souffle that we just love. we're getting on a plane in a little bit to go down to florida and have thanksgiving at our friends'. you got to bring something. >> you can't go empty handed. you know what? there are always questions. people never know how to make the turkey right. every year we're doing the same thing. call the butter ball turkey hotline. we're going to get our trusty phone out. >> why is this phone still here? >> because it's important. hold on. let's dial it. 1-800. >> butter ball. 1-800-butter-ball. >> i'm doing a rotary. >> marty van ness is going to answer. >> butter ball turkey hotline, how can i help you? this is marty van ness. >> you knew we were calling. >> happy thanksgiving. what's the most common question you get there? >> right now we want to know how to thaw the turkey. thawing questions is our number one question.
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butter ball has made it better and easier this year. we have our two favorite tips. use a meat thermometer and tent the turkey with foil about two-thirds of the way through. that way you'll know when the turkey is done, whether or not it's totally thawed out. and the tenting will prevent overcooking of the breasts. everything will be juicy in the turkey. >> tell marty that's not what martha stewart said to do. you're supposed to put that cloth over it, moistened cloth. >> martha stewart said soak a cheese cloth, put it on top of the turkey and take it off. >> i like something that's not flammable in the oven. i'm just kind of old-fashioned that way. >> i don't like your attitude, marty. a little testy the day before thanksgiving. >> you know what, though? all these perfect answers to cook a turkey is at great information. great leftover recipe. or call us at 1-800-butter-ball and talk to a live home economist or dietitian. great answers. we'll make it the best ever. >> thanks marty.
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>> nice talking to you. >> thank you. have a great thanksgiving. >> got it. >> rude, hoda. >> sorry, marty. the earlier hours -- we needed it. the earlier hours had justin bieber. we have something so much cooler. they're called the 610 stoppers. they're from new orleans. ordinary men with extraordinary moves. >> you be the judge. >> 20s to 60s. new orleanians. made up of doctors, lawyers, professionals. they're named 610 because there's a highway, the i-610. they're all named after. it also happens to be the spot some of them sit in during the saints games. crank it up. >> one, two, three, come on! ♪ >> our camera men don't know
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what to do. >> i don't, either. >> here it goes. ♪ >> go, go, go! ♪ >> look at their socks! come on! their shoes! >> come on, yeah, show it. >> you want to get in there, hoda? >> oh, no. i couldn't put a headband on. >> oh, oh, oh! ♪ >> all righty. what is sexier than that? really. >> wait, you guys. a big round of applause for these guys.
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because they're also going to be -- >> they're going to be in the parade tomorrow! >> they're going to be in the macy's thanksgiving day parade. we love you guys. thank you. "people" magazine has a special gift guide. and we were -- they asked us to include our picks for -- >> under 40 bucks. >> they told us under 30 by the time we picked. ours are under 30. >> you had some vino. i had some chocolates, jennifer miller bracelets. each 25 bucks. you have a cool bag. >> yep, yep. on the next page you have my little book. >> we certainly do. >> my little book "the three gifts." slippers from restoration hardware. laura mercier. grandma's coffee cake. unbelievable. they left out two things. not upset about, but disappointed. there's a difference. i put in hoda's book, too. >> allegedly. >> i did. how she survived everything. the world's catastrophe. >> and your kringle candle.
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>> smells like nantucket at christmas time. is it okay or not okay to seek comfort from your ex? what did i say? >> i guess it depends on who your ex is and how you exited. >> clever. >> play on words. >> hoda said no, it's not okay. he is your ex for a reason. don't complicate things. >> find another shoulder, for god's sake. there are lots of shoulders to cry on. >> you sure do. >> that's what i'm saying. >> it's also national espresso day. did you know that? in our espresso cups is also -- [ speaking french ] 12:01 the third thursday november of each year. just in time for thanksgiving. which the french don't celebrate. $10 nationwide. we have a whole lot coming up.
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we have the "american idol" winner, scott mccreery is going to share music with us. what a great guy he is. >> what a great year he's having. first, these messages. ♪ we know a place where tossing and turning have given way to sleeping. where sleepless nights yield to restful sleep. and lunesta can help you get there, like it has for so many people before. when taking lunesta, don't drive or operate machinery until you feel fully awake. walking, eating, driving, or engaging in other activities while asleep, without remembering it the next day, have been reported. abnormal behaviors may include aggressiveness, agitation, hallucinations or confusion. in depressed patients, worsening of depression, including risk of suicide, may occur. alcohol may increase these risks. allergic reactions, such as tongue or throat swelling, occur rarely and may be fatal. side effects may include unpleasant taste, headache, dizziness and morning drowsiness. ask your doctor if lunesta is right for you. then get lunesta for $0 at
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♪ you know that voice. tomorrow he's performing in the macy's thanksgiving day parade. in a few months he's going to hit the road with country star brad paisley. this week america's newest idol -- come on, kathie lee. scotty mccreery is celebrating his debut cd "clear as day." >> both his album and his hit single "i love you this big," there it is, are officially certified gold. not bad for a kid who's still technically in high school. >> great to see you. happy thanksgiving. >> good to see y'all. happy thanksgiving, too. >> how fun to have your first cd out of songs written for you. >> we had guys in nashville, big
2:21 am
meetings about what we wanted to write about. they were writing heavy for me. we got some good songs on there. >> how many did they give you to pick from? >> hundreds. the guys in nashville were kind of sifting through them. i got to pick from a few. we ended up with just 12. >> your life must have just completely transformed from the "american idol" day, the day you won to today. what's changed the most for you. >> just a year ago we were packing for hollywood week. let alone be here. >> does it seem like a gazillion years ago or yesterday? >> seems like yesterday. this has been a fastest year. seems like i was just here. it's been cool, though. i've been enjoying every minute of it. >> how do they treat you at home? you're a senior in high school. do you go to class ever? >> yesterday when i left from school to go to the airport to fly here. i enjoy it. they treat me like i never left. a big football game friday night. one game away from the state championship. >> that'll be friday night? >> oh, yeah. oh, yeah. >> what about singing in the
2:22 am
macy's thanksgiving day parade. that's always a big honor. >> it's huge. i grew up going to grandma's house for thanksgiving. this will be the first thanksgiving away. we always watch the parade on her tv and football. we had a good time there. it'll be amazing here. it'll be cold. i was told to layer up. >> it's not going to be that bad now. it's going to be 52. >> it is? >> no rain. >> that's incredible. >> you come from a musical family, right? was it your mom or your dad who sang or both? >> they're both in the church choir. i kind of grew up around it. i had solos with the choir. i kind of grew up around it, yeah. >> around 13 for a boy, the voice starts to change. did you wake up one morning and it was -- or was it gradual? >> it was pretty quick. i kind of skipped that cracking stage. i didn't get bullied too much. >> you must have been like a peanut with this deep sage voice. do people tease you about it at all? >> they thought it was weird. if girls were getting calls from boys, they'd tell me to get on the phone, stop calling my daughter.
2:23 am
it was pretty fun. >> how is dating like? you're 18 years old. in high school here. do you have a girlfriend back at home? >> not really. i'm a busy guy right now. i try to really focus on the music and stuff. that'll happen and take care of itself. i'm trying to lay low. >> you're going to go on the road with brad, big star. he likes to pull tricks on people, you're aware of that? >> oh, yeah. i participated on -- with blake shelton. we had remote control trucks that shot water. blake was singed. we rolled them on stage and started shooting. i've got to be ready for it. >> what was that like when he asked you to tour with him? >> he was talking to my manager and agent. they sent an e-mail. normally i don't check e-mails. i got my e-mail and it took me two seconds and reply and say absolutely. i'm on the road in january. >> what a thrill. >> you got to decide whether you're going to move to nashville when you graduate or college? >> college. that's a big thing. >> what are you thinking? >> you know, there's a college,
2:24 am
nc state back at home in riley ten minutes from my house. there's a couple schools in nashville like beaumont we're looking at. it'd probably be easier to do this and be in college in nashville. i don't know if i want to move away from home yet. >> i couldn't wait for my son to leave. >> will you study music? >> i don't know if i'll do music or not. i'm kind of in music class every day now. >> you can try other things. >> we'll see. we'll see. >> we wish you great luck. >> congrats. >> have a really good time tomorrow. great holiday. stay sweet. i think the reason they treat you the same way back home is because you are still the same way. >> well, thank you. >> god bless you. >> you, too. up next, it's a photo op. pictures that'll have you saying, what? right after this. [ girl's voice ] do you wanna be my boyfriend?
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we're back with one of our favorite segments, "what the what?" >> sara sifted through your photos. >> there were so many to choose from. the first is from jen in
2:29 am
temecula -- is that right? california. is my t-shirt trying to tell me something. look at the last two lines of this. >> do not clean. do not covet thy neighbor's wife. the rest of the ten commandments are on the back of the tag. >> crazy. >> can you imagine? there's no explanation for the shirt, either, as to what it is. good thing she reads labels. next one came from brenda duggan. would you buy this? look at the cereal name. hey, mom, will you grab some holy crap while you're at the store? there's not much left. it's pretty wholly. photo number through comes from sarah jolenbeck from caseyville, illinois. if he's going to sit at the table, he's going to have some manners. they got in the bad habit of letting cyrus sit at the table. they put this drink down. he decided to lick it. they were able to capture this. how adorable is cyrus? i love it.
2:30 am
next a photo from judy abernathy from lincolnton, north carolina. i feel like the sign says it all. >> oh, my gosh. >> wow. >> there are no returns on that. >> that is perfect. >> i've got a feeling he's not going to be at the house when people go there. >> when i told you to pick up your stuff, i meant pick up your stuff. don bunting from california sent us this photo. is that really an essential? that was actually taken in lancaster, pennsylvania. >> the amish. >> a rather conservative community. >> maybe they're just driving a buggy. >> see the buggy at the top. maybe with a buggy it's different. >> still, shouldn't drink and drive. >> finally, liz ring from lafayette, california, submitted this photo. should i get the loin to the plate or window box stew. decisions, decisions. look in the middle at number five. it was a literal translation from spanish.
2:31 am
the loin to the plate with potatoes or stew of meat window box. >> i'll have an infusion, please. >> all right, kids. coming up next, grab your kids if they're around. we're going to dig into some thanksgiving day trivia.
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♪ all right. we're back with more of today ready to play our weekly trivia game we call "who knew?" with thanksgiving just a day away we thought we'd try out holiday trivia. kathie lee, of course, over at the nbc experience store across the street ready to hand out 100 bucks to those who get the answers right. to those who don't, hey, they get her cd. isn't that lucky? here with me from "good housekeeping," the lifestyle director. are we ready? >> we're ready. >> across the street to kath. >> lovely lady and her girls who came to see me today. not justin bieber. right.
2:36 am
you're from louisiana, right? what is the best way to defrost a turkey? is it on the counter, in the refrigerator, cold water or in the microwave oven. >> i'm going to go with "b." in the refrigerator. >> that's a smart mama. >> she knew that one. why is that the best spot? >> it's the safest way. when you defrost your turkey in the refrigerator, you want to leave it in the packaging, put it in a shallow pan, 24 hours for every four to five pounds. the nice thing about this method is once you thaw it that way it can keep up to four days in the fridge. >> back across to kath. >> my new friend bailey from alabama. right, honey? which department store held the first thanksgiving day parade. gimbels, jc penney, montgomery ward or macy's? >> macy's. >> was it gimbels? >> it was. >> you want that one or this one? >> give her both. all right.
2:37 am
gimbels. she was right on the second try. >> she was. the department store parade originated in 1920 with gimbels in philadelphia. it was the opposing retailer in the movie "miracle of 34th street." macy's followed suit in four years. we hear about the macy's thanksgiving day parade. >> back across to kath. >> this gentleman is from orange, california. got a lot of family with him, i think. how many calories does the average person consume on thanksgiving? 3,000, 4,500, 5,000 or 5,500 calories? >> i'd say 4,500. >> how do you know that? >> that was great. okay. just so we're clear, one person, 4,500 calories? >> yes. and 229 grams of fat. that includes snacking and eating the meal. what it doesn't include is breakfast and that midnight raid on the kitchen. >> that's almost four days worth of food if you break it down for some people. >> it's a lot of exercise to work it off. >> no kidding. back across to kath.
2:38 am
>> sweet girl from new jersey. honey, which of the following was not served at the first thanksgiving? deer, pumpkin, codfish or potatoes? >> i would have to say pumpkin. >> boy. >> oh, she's going to love my cd. stop it. >> all right. the correct answer is surprisingly, i think, potatoes. >> it is potatoes. at the time the settlers thought potatoes were poisonous. mashed potatoes were not on the menu for the first thanksgiving, sadly. >> another new jerseyite. how many turkeys are cooked each thanksgiving in america. 45 million, 50, 55 or 60 million. >> 60 million. >> boy, those cds are going like hot cakes. >> you know, hoda? i don't like your attitude today. i don't know what's going on. >> give them away. all right. 45 million turkeys. >> yep. 45 million turkeys are cooked and eaten around thanksgiving. that accounts for one-sixth of all turkeys that are sold in the u.s. in a year. >> okay.
2:39 am
time for one more. let's go back across the street. >> i've got little cali here. how much did the average shopper spend last year, cali, on black friday, the day after thanksgiving? was it 200, $250, 365 or $425. >> 365? >> you are a genius! >> cali is a genius! she got it right. 365 bucks on black friday. >> yes. that was 212 million shoppers that were spending that on average. >> oh, my gosh. boy. let's see what happens this year. >> right on. >> sarah, thanks, hon. coming up, animals any one of us may find trolling in our backyard with dave mizejewski, right after this. ♪ like so many great pioneers before me, guided only by a dream. i'm embarking on a journey of epic proportion. i will travel, from sea to shining sea, through amber waves of grain, and i won't stop until i've helped every driver in america save hundreds on car insurance.
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then get lunesta for $0 at there's a land of restful sleep. we can help you go there on the wings of lunesta.
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we're back with "today's call of the wild." while you might think this season is about turkey, the national wildlife federation's dave mizejewski is here to broaden those horizons. >> he's brought along animals
2:44 am
native to north america in celebration of thanksgiving. >> that's right. thanksgiving is a north american holiday. national wildlife federation actually focuses our work in north america. we have a new campaign called choose your cause that lets you pick what animals you want to protect. our first animal -- >> he's not being protected this year. >> he's a wild turkey. this is the only domesticated animal -- >> why are you holding him? >> -- that has come out of north america. >> why is he holding him? you did that on purpose! >> turkeys can fly. people don't think that they can. wild turkeys can fly. they walk around on the ground for the most part but they spend the night up in the trees. they have to be able to fly also to get away from their predators. this is the wild version of the turkey that we eat. it was domesticated originally in mexico, brought back to europe and really bred. and then the european colonists actually brought it back. it's possible that it was on the first thanksgiving dinner plate. the records just say fowl. it might have been duck. look at the color on this animal's head.
2:45 am
feathers. perfectly camouflaged. >> he's got my neck. >> that's called a waddle. >> i know. i got two of them. i've got one there and i've got one here. >> you can see the spurs on his legs down here. >> yes. >> we were just talking about how people try to feed these animals, get up close to them. not a good idea. any wild animal. even something that looks this harmless could be potentially dangerous. if people get too close to it. >> he doesn't -- >> i'm happy to report he's not going to be on anyone's table tomorrow. >> okay. >> we're going to let him do his thing and go on to our next animal. >> what do you mean? >> i don't want him doing his thing around me. >> another great north american animal. you can come closer over here. >> that's all right. >> who wants the apple? >> we might give the apple to
2:46 am
the beaver. their fur is really dense, it's waterproof, very warm. a big part of the early american economy really was the fur trade. but look how cute. this is the largest rodent we have in north america. >> oh, oh, oh! >> i just got peed on. >> still going! >> oh, my gosh! >> it's not a good segment unless i get peed on. >> here comes another one. go ahead. >> let's wait to see what the skunk does. that'll be great. >> that's an opossum. >> it's virginia pos -- opossum. >> people that know what they're talking about. >> even i call them possums. these are the only north american marsupial which means
2:47 am
they have a pouch. most marsupials are living down in australia. so they're kind of related to kangaroos. >> something smells. >> it's me, everyone. >> now it's dave. >> they have a great tail. >> let's bring out the last thing. >> bring out one that doesn't stink. so it's a bird. >> we have another bird. i won't touch you. now, you don't want to make jerky movements. this is a predator. this is a red-tailed hawk. now, if this turkey was a baby turkey, it would be on the menu for this hawk. obviously the turkey is far too big for this hawk to do any damage, too. if you want to turn around, maybe we could see the red tail here. this bird is named for these beautiful red feathers. >> they are beautiful. >> a species only found in north america. european colonists when they came over might not have been familiar with it. very common. this is the kind of animal you could see in your backyard. all across the country. they feed on squirrels and other smaller birds. >> bambino. would they eat my dog? >> they wouldn't eat your dog. now the turkey is going to -- >> i'm feeling the particular
2:48 am
urge myself. >> if the turkey doesn't stop going -- is it embarrassed? >> have you no shame? >> everybody poops, you know. everybody pees. >> so far we're two out of three. >> our last animal is the indigo snake. >> that reeks. >> the largest snake in north america. >> why do we wear perfume around here? >> one of the largest snakes. this is a juvenile. it's an indigo snake. it can get way bigger. this is an endangered species. the choose your cause campaign, if you google it, is helping to protect these animals. make sure we have them for the future. >> thanks, dave. happy thanksgiving! up next, what? >> a meal well deserved after this. we're going to cook things up in the kitchen. i'm sorry, davy. >> please change your shirt.
2:49 am
>> alaska is a very extreme environment. >> 30 feet seas. hurricane force winds. >> we go in some really bad situations and always pull it off. >> they hit the water. game on. ♪ >> the reason we all do this job is to save lives. >> a lot of the times the coast guard comes before the family. >> when he's out flying, i do pray.
2:50 am
>> [ woman ] what can i say?
2:51 am
i love the holidays. the traditions. ♪ the decorations. and, of course, the spirit of giving. your moment. your dove. [ boy's voice ] i've already given my sub to sally. sally?!?! [ girl's voice ] hey samantha. how could you. [ male announcer ] get your own subway steak melt. like the irresistible big philly cheesesteak. subway. eat fresh.
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"today's holiday kitchen" is brought to you by ocean spray. tastes good, good for you. >> time to head into "today's holiday kitchen." if you need help with your menu, consider the job done. >> if you're still looking for sides, scott conant's got them. chef and owner of scarpetta's restaurant. glad you weren't downstairs with us. it was scary, what happened. >> we've got to show you. maybe you could do a size dish of turkey. >> look at the bird! when it was over, oh, oh, oh! he's fine. >> he's fine. >> feathers grow back. >> tell that to the bird. >> he feels naked. what are we making, scott? >> that was so appetizing. >> because we're so hungry after that segment. >> good thing we're not doing turkey. we're doing a couple sides today. one of the things that we're doing is a -- kind of an autumn harvest casserole. so we have some eggs whisked here. i've roasted these vegetables. we throw the kale on top. finish it back in the oven for a few minutes. we put it in a casserole dish.
2:54 am
>> what did you do? where'd you put the kale? >> the kale goes directly on top. we make this kind of custard mixture, this royale. cream inside. >> it was so healthy until you did this. >> what's that? parm? >> parmesan cheese. >> of course. >> roasted garlic inside there as well. >> bring it. >> freshly grated nutmeg. freshly grated nutmeg makes all the difference. >> does it? i don't know that i'd know if i tasted it. >> you would know it. >> okay. >> we take this beautiful light royale mixture. very light. >> pour it right over there. >> over these beautiful vegetables. we'll pop it in the oven. the importance of a water bath, i think, is really a good thing here. because we'll put it in the water bath, put it in the oven for about a half hour at 350 degrees. and then turn it around and finish it for an additional ten minutes. >> kath, you want to try? >> yep. >> i don't think i can do it. >> oh, my gosh. >> it's good, right? >> really healthy for you.
2:55 am
>> the water bath again, why do that? >> it just really makes the temperature nice and even for the entire cooking time. >> what's the next side dish we're making? >> caramelized onions with potatoes. really simple. one of those things you can put it in the oven and kind of forget about it. that's the convenience of cooking for the holidays. you need to make things as simple as possible. >> garlic. fresh red pepper. >> we'll let that get brown color on those potatoes. a touch of chicken stock inside there. braise that in the oven for a little while. >> how long does that cook for? >> this will cook 20 minutes or so, it should be completely done. this is what you end up with. >> that looks good. >> roasted carrots with hazelnuts over the top. touch of chives. >> i can't eat an onion like that. it's got to be with something else. >> it's with potatoes. >> i'll try a potato. >> scott, delicious.
2:56 am
thank you, sweetie. >> oh, it was an onion! >> that's a potato. >> are you sure? >> thank you. that's delicious. up next, how to look white house worthy. first, this is "today" on nbc. >> these are good.
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not since the days of jackie o. has there been a first lady more talked about for her fashion status than michelle obama. now a new book reveals the secrets to the first lady's iconic style. >> mickey taylor is author of "commander in chic." >> hi there. >> how are you, honey? >> she is unique, isn't she? she dresses the way i think people think i could do that as well. relatable. >> absolutely. women everywhere love her accessible style. whatever she shows up in, you can get it, too. that's the best part.
3:01 am
>> some of the evening gowns you can't. pretty extravagant. >> the takeaway is the look, the silhouette, great neckline, color. >> we'll get to that in a sec. >> let's talk cardigans. usually you see something more formal. michelle often wears cardigans. >> she's removed the style the first lady has to be in suits and jackets all the time. the cardigan is an adaptable piece. weekend. evening receptions. she's shown you can have it and have it at every price point. >> like it. >> dress. she's got a unique style with her dresses. tell us about that. >> it's usually a fitted sheathe or a-line shift. the dress is like your no-brainer. you know that. >> easy. >> you can change its character just by a change of accessories. who do you -- what character do you want to give it today? whether it's a broach, fabulous pearls, the great conversation worthy shoe, you're dressed in nanoseconds. >> they look like something an
3:02 am
average woman could wear. her shape is more average. >> absolutely. >> how tall is she? >> 5'11". >> wow. >> dresses allow her to look polished, pulled together. who doesn't want that? >> she pops the color. she doesn't always wear the same old deal. >> she wears color like a head of state. who but michelle obama would put a green chemise with a pink suede pump? >> she obviously has a stylist. >> she has her own dress code. the wardrobe is based on bankable pieces. here's the first lady we've ever seen who mixed what i call repeat performances in that she will wear a dress, a dress, a dress again in the public eye. >> good. >> a cardigan again in the public eye. >> now we're talking evening gowns. >> she knows her assets, too. that's the secret to being a great dresser. that and having a fabulous tailor or seamstress in your life. >> you've known her for a long time. has her style changed over the years? >> no.
3:03 am
the same michelle obama i met in 2006, worked with in her home in 2008, even when i met in the white house when she became first lady, that dress code of michelle obama defining what works for her, it has evolved, but it's still in the same lane. >> thank you. her hair and make-up, now, has really evolved. >> thanks, honey. >> thank you. >> happy thanksgiving. >> we want to wish everybody a happy thanksgiving because you and i are not going to be here. >> we're going to be preempted by a little something called the macy's thanksgiving day parade right here on nbc. we'll be back. see you on friday with ambush makeovers and a special performance by susan boyle. have an awesome thanksgiving. god bless you all. featuring rickey minor
3:04 am
[ cheers and applause ] thank you very much.


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